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dev updates 2015-01-15

Fixes and features deployed to Amara:

  • UI adjustments for team activity stats (video tab) #1937 opened 8 days ago by syl22-00
  • UI adjustments for team activity stats (team tab) status 4 merged-to-staging #1936
  • Compute team activity statistics as task status 4 merged-to-staging #1935
  • Better looking page for 403 errors status 4 merged-to-staging #1933
  • Link to setup language profile on team dashboard is broken #1923
  • Do not allow unauthenticated users to submit videos #1902
  • YT quota limit prevents subs from being sent to YouTube #1858

dev updates 2014-09-15

Highlights from our latest deploy

Editor notes

Users can now add notes in the editor as they are working on subtitles.  Useful as a simple reminder to self, or a way to pass on information to others who may edit later.  These changes are specific to the current editor and are not implemented in the legacy editor.

Broadcasting video specific messages for task teams

For enterprise teams that use tasks, making a comment on the main page of a video on the comments tab, will notify all followers of the language as well as anyone who was worked on a task for that language.  This is helpful if there have been changes to the video or original language translation and you want to let all people who have worked on it know about the updates.

Uploading Subtitles / Drafts

You can now upload your subtitles directly from the editor.  From the Tools menu, just select Upload subtitles.  Once the subs are uploaded you can check them over, make any edits and save as usual.

For task teams, there is no longer an upload draft button on the task page.  Instead you go right into the editor which saves a few navigation steps.

Language bar

We’ve removed it from the top of every page.  You can edit and update your languages from the profile page.  If your languages are not set, you’ll be prompted when joining a team.

If you are the manager of an application-only enterprise team, setting the language is now a mandatory part of the application process.  This will make it easier to review your applications if you are looking for specific language skills.

Edit title and description

We’ve removed the Edit title and description with the overlay popping open from the editor progress steps.  Instead it’s a link in the Review stage.

Warnings for common subtitling mistakes

There are some basic guidelines you can follow to keep you subtitles easy to read.  We’ve added some warnings for these common mistakes, to help improve subtitle quality.  Warnings don’t affect saving subtitles and can be toggled on and off via the Tools menu.

Complete list of github issues

  • Automatic warnings for common subtitling mistakes #735
  • Enable users to upload new versions (or drafts) directly to the editor new editor #993
  • Prompt users to edit title/description for review/approve tasks #1409
  • Notify followers of all languages on comments left on the main video page #1470
  • Rework the workflow steps in the new editor #1523
  • Make users have set the languages they speak when joining a team #1576
  • Remove choose your languaes from every page #1578
  • Remove link to widgetizer on video submit page #1634
  • Note system for the editor #1638
  • Subtitle Action System #1667
  • Minor Editor CSS bug – overlay instructions #1671
  • Make the editor responsive to zooming #1396


amara dev updates 2014-07-09

Amara’s new transcript viewer

Today we started using our new transcript viewer on every video embed on our site. Screenshot from 2014-07-09 22:04:23   The new embedder boasts a sleak design as it displays the searchable transcript.  You can click on any phrase to jump to that place in the video, easily switch back and forth between languages, and follow along as the text progresses.

Finally, the new embedder supports both video and audio files, so we now have video page playback support for mp3 and ogg audio as well.

We’re so happy to have the embedder on our website.  If you’d like to try the new embedder to promote captioning and translation of  your videos, the embed code is greatly simplified. You’ll find it in the usual spot on the video page or in the embed code usage guide.Screenshot from 2014-07-09 22:11:23 There’s a ton of changes in this release to production.  Here’s the complete list.

  • #1529 Replace widget with new embedder
  • #1585 New embedder does not work on Internet Explorer
  • #1566 update loading gif for embedder
  • #1563 Keep thumbnails in youtube videos
  • #1560 Duplicate / in URL in embedder that causes issues on production
  • #1545 Display only one video in diffing page
  • #1542 embedder menu when there are no subtitles
  • #1535 Update the embed code on amara web site
  • #1533 embed controls display html5
  • #1531 embedded video doesn’t display if switching tabs
  • #587 MP3 upload is not working
  • #628 embed MP3 file empty subtitles
  • #678 Layout, timing issue with MP3 audio
  • #1490 Start using the new embedder on amara pages
  • #548 Editor: gracefully process video formats incompatible with the browser
  • #1525 Deal better with videos on https
  • #1414 Teams: blacklisted languages should not be available for selection from the list
  • #1540 Change ‘Tartar’ language to ‘Tatar’
  • #1539 Deleting a video from the site, deletes the billing record

New Tools for Enterprise Teams

Managing your Amara Enterprise team has just gotten easier!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on rolling out an updated set of tools for Amara Enterprise Team Admins.

If you haven’t heard about Amara Enterprise, yet, well let’s just say it’s the easiest way to get your videos captioned and it keeps getting easier.  It allows you to leverage the power of a crowd combined with Amara’s unique, best in class subtitle editor.   You can learn more about how it can help you here.

Several the unique feature sets that the Amara Platform offers, including team membership controls, video organization and quality controls steps have just gotten faster and simpler.

  • Adding videos via RSS Feeds:  Many of our individual users know how easy it is to automatically add their videos to Amara.  They just add their YouTube username and their videos are added.  Now Enterprise teams have this option as well, with a few bonus features.  sciAmara supports automatically importing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove, Wistia and any other hosting platform with syndication support for standard media rss feeds.  Add the feed once and your videos are kept up to date as you generate content. This keeps your subtitling and translating crowd busy and your content fresh!feeds
  • Team Video Organizing: If you like to keep your content organized.  Amara has now added a batch move feature, allowing you to organize, reorganize and then shift things around some more.  It’s too easy for those of use who like to keep things grouped.
  • Team Application Processing:  Application-only teams have been a standard part of the enterprise offering, however approving them can be a tedious process.  Not anymore! We’ve added bulk processing so you can see a complete list of your applicants and batch approve those you’d like on your team.
  • Team Messaging: Want to reach out to your crowd in their own language?  Have an urgent need for some French or Japanese translations?  Now you can choose to send email team members based on their language configurations.
  • Quality Control Checks: Amara’s quality control checks allow team admins to approve subtitle content before it’s published.  However there are times when there’s a backlog or a rush and you want your subtitles live, now.  Enter bulk accepting approval tasks.  Get a list of languages awaiting your approval, do a quick check of the latest revision, and publish!


Visit Amara Enterprise, if you’d like to learn more about the best subtitling platform and how we can help you make your web video and audio content accessible.

Get involved and help us make Universal Subtitles better!

We’re working on a fresh release of Universal Subtitles right now and we need help with testing. You don’t need to know anything about programming to get involved!

As a non-profit and collaborative project we wholly depend on volunteers at every stage of the process. We already have a fantastic core group of testers, but in order to really get the ball rolling and develop Universal Subtitles to its full potential the project needs more participants. And the best thing is that you don’t need to be a genius programmer to get involved! Indeed, most of our testing scenarios can be executed from the comfort of your own browser and they do not involve much more than a few clicks.

For instance, here is a very easy yet very useful test to execute:

Litmus Testing

  1. Go to litmus.pculture.org and sign in or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Select the recommended test run for Universal Subtitles
  3. Specify your Browser / OS configuration and start running tests from the groups that are listed.
  4. For each test that you run, please mark it pass / fail / unclear. Don’t worry if you can’t run all the tests.
  5. If you encounter an error, please file a bug and provide the bug number in the results and a quick description in the comment.

You can find more information about this test and others on this page, and anyone interested in helping us out should join our dedicated google group.

A Note on Accessibility

We think this is so important, we added a permanent page to the site.

In the near future, we’ll go into more detail about why accessibility matters so much to us (and for the internet), but for the moment I’ve copied the text from the page here:

Accessibility is the primary motivator behind Universal Subtitles. Our goal is to see an exponential number of videos become more accessible: to those with hearing and visual disabilities; across language barriers; and even around literacy barriers (via dubbed audio).

Under the headline of “accessibility” is a vast and complex group of issues. We are pursuing accessibility for Universal Subtitles across multiple levels. The following is a partial list of the accessibility goals on our development roadmap:

  • Making our website and subtitling widget localizable (i.e. translating the tools into different languages)
  • Adding support for non-western characters and languages
  • Support for both captions and subtitles*
  • Support for alternate audio tracks (i.e. dubbing)
  • Ability to read subtitle text to speech
  • Accessibility audit for the toolset and website (eg. navigation, keyboard interaction, etc)
  • Computer assisted translation

If you have additional areas of accessibility where you’d like to see us focus, please be in touch.

Finally, we want to recognize the many people have been working tirelessly on these issues for far longer than we have and have laid important groundwork that makes our project possible.

* In the United States, ‘Captions’ refers to subtitles that include both words being spoken and descriptions of non-verbal sounds (music, sound effects, etc). Captioning is especially important for people who are hard of hearing. In many countries the word ‘subtitles’ or ‘HoH (hard of hearing) subtitles’ is used to describe captions.