Amara release notes 2016-12-21

  • 251 – Feature Request: press enter to edit subs in the Review dialog
  • 2537 – Exception on viewing My Teams page without signing in
  • 2689 – Record activity for move to/from a team
  • 2693 – Some non-ASCII characters garbled in email messages from Amara
  • 2695 – Update community page
  • 2699 – Encoding issues in video title and description
  • enterprise-742 – Add “bill time” to billing report
  • enterprise-771 – Further improvements to new formats
  • enterprise-853 – Upload Subtitles feature malfunctioning in embedded Amara editor
  • enterprise-868 – Add TED notification for moving videos from project-to-project
  • enterprise-889 – Billing and collab roles mismatch

Bwoop Bwoop! Attention all Vimeo users that need subtitles – Amara wants to help!

Hello Amara Community,

As of November 1st, the support for our integration with Vimeo was discontinued.  This means that you will no longer be able to create or order professionally made Amara On Demand subtitles within Vimeo.  But wait!  You can still do all of that same awesome stuff directly at, plus a lot more!

Did you know that with Amara Enterprise, you can create subtitles in a private space, manage users, and configure publishing workflows?  Did you know that Amara On Demand creates thousands of professional subtitles a year for tons of different languages, video types, and turnaround times?  If you’re a Vimeo user that needs help with this, we’d love to lend a hand!

If you want to create subtitles in a private space, let us know, and we’ll get in direct touch with you.

If you need to order professional subtitles contact us, and we’ll send you a quote!

Thanks always for being a part of the Amara community, and happy subtitling!



Amara release notes 2016-10-27

  • 784 – Implement auto-pause feature when in typing mode
  • 2637 – As a subtitler, the help tray should always be visible.
  • 2638 – As a captioner, I want a wider clickable dragging area so I can easily drag subtitle endpoints.
  • enterorise-687 – Backend collab changes
  • enterprise-729 – New TED HTTP notifications
  • enterprise-756 – Handle corner cases with multiple teams working on a collab
  • enterprise-765 – Adjust runtime duration calculation code
  • enterprise-767 – Fix creation of billing records for older subtitles
  • enterprise-768 – Audit/Update video API permissions

Amara release notes 2016-10-19

  • 2664 – Display JS browser alert for FB login button
  • enterprise-674 – Add more subtitles types for import and export
  • enterprise-731 – Add wordcount columns to Master Spreadsheets
  • enterprise-757 – On Bulk Set Evaluation Teams page, make team selection drop-downs sorted alphabetically
  • enterprise-759 – Ability to enable user to access “Advanced formats” for subtitle import/export

International Translation Day – Stories from the Amara Community

We can’t believe it’s almost been one month since International Translation Day!  It was amazing to hear from so many people around the globe about how subtitles have impacted their lives, and as one last ITD2016 hurrah, we’ve collected our favorite quotes from each story and listed them below.  Or if you’d like, take a look each story in it’s entirety, here!

“Translation has become one of the best things I do in my life.” – Ghalia Turki, Damascus, Syria

“To keep it simple, subtitling is helping me to fulfill an old ideal. Imparting knowledge to people all around the world, whenever and wherever they are. :)” – Andre Kilton Peixoto

“I wish that my contribution to subtitling, captioning and translation helps to make Degrowth and Sustainable Consumption more accessible to people who wish and desire to live a good life.” – Robert Orzanna

“I enjoy making content available to Portuguese speaking people. It is an honour for me to contribute with some subtitles. They have changed my life for the better.”
Cláudia Anjos Lopes, Portugal

“Translations have made a great impact ever since I was at my elementary school.”
Aji, Indonesia

Subtitles are essential for the preservation of languages and culture” – Riccardo Barbieri, Milan

As for the great cause of having videos to be translated/ subtitled, indeed it is very useful, especially for kids, specifically in my country, most kids don’t really understand English very well” Lanny

“[I collaborated with] a disability community in Seattle called ‘Rooted in Rights’ to create 2 disability advocacy clips with English captions and Japanese translations/captions.” Misuki Hsu

“I believe that sharing is caring, so when you come across useful and valuable materials it’s much better to make it available to all those around you” – Riyad Almubarak

“I translated a movie which is a Korean drama. I translate it Korean to Turkish. And a few days later, I saw my subtitle on Korean Facebook fan pages.” – Anonymous

“I’m a 17-year-old high school student from Turkey and a TED talks addicted volunteer translator.”  – Laura Messner, Turkey

“…around 500 translations and reviews have come out of my keyboard. But the thing that is more important than that number is the numerous ideas I’ve given a Croatian voice to..”
– Ivan S, Croatia

It has been over a year since my experience in translating and subtitling started. I’m very grateful to Amara and TED for this year of enriching experiences” Cesar Incio, Peru