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We stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and any others affected…

Amara is dedicated to making the world a more inclusive and connected place. Last month, when Donald Trump signed an executive order for “extreme vetting” and banned citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African countries from entry into the US, we decided it was important for us to speak out publicly.

We stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and any others affected by this harmful executive order. We oppose any action that discriminates based on race, religion, or country of origin.

We stand in solidarity to promote a more inclusive world, and hope you will join our voices in support of a global community where everyone is welcomed and respected. Our humanity is richer and stronger when we all come together.

–the Amara team

Bwoop Bwoop! Attention all Vimeo users that need subtitles – Amara wants to help!

Hello Amara Community,

As of November 1st, the support for our integration with Vimeo was discontinued.  This means that you will no longer be able to create or order professionally made Amara On Demand subtitles within Vimeo.  But wait!  You can still do all of that same awesome stuff directly at, plus a lot more!

Did you know that with Amara Enterprise, you can create subtitles in a private space, manage users, and configure publishing workflows?  Did you know that Amara On Demand creates thousands of professional subtitles a year for tons of different languages, video types, and turnaround times?  If you’re a Vimeo user that needs help with this, we’d love to lend a hand!

If you want to create subtitles in a private space, let us know, and we’ll get in direct touch with you.

If you need to order professional subtitles contact us, and we’ll send you a quote!

Thanks always for being a part of the Amara community, and happy subtitling!



International Translation Day – Stories from the Amara Community

We can’t believe it’s almost been one month since International Translation Day!  It was amazing to hear from so many people around the globe about how subtitles have impacted their lives, and as one last ITD2016 hurrah, we’ve collected our favorite quotes from each story and listed them below.  Or if you’d like, take a look each story in it’s entirety, here!

“Translation has become one of the best things I do in my life.” – Ghalia Turki, Damascus, Syria

“To keep it simple, subtitling is helping me to fulfill an old ideal. Imparting knowledge to people all around the world, whenever and wherever they are. :)” – Andre Kilton Peixoto

“I wish that my contribution to subtitling, captioning and translation helps to make Degrowth and Sustainable Consumption more accessible to people who wish and desire to live a good life.” – Robert Orzanna

“I enjoy making content available to Portuguese speaking people. It is an honour for me to contribute with some subtitles. They have changed my life for the better.”
Cláudia Anjos Lopes, Portugal

“Translations have made a great impact ever since I was at my elementary school.”
Aji, Indonesia

Subtitles are essential for the preservation of languages and culture” – Riccardo Barbieri, Milan

As for the great cause of having videos to be translated/ subtitled, indeed it is very useful, especially for kids, specifically in my country, most kids don’t really understand English very well” Lanny

“[I collaborated with] a disability community in Seattle called ‘Rooted in Rights’ to create 2 disability advocacy clips with English captions and Japanese translations/captions.” Misuki Hsu

“I believe that sharing is caring, so when you come across useful and valuable materials it’s much better to make it available to all those around you” – Riyad Almubarak

“I translated a movie which is a Korean drama. I translate it Korean to Turkish. And a few days later, I saw my subtitle on Korean Facebook fan pages.” – Anonymous

“I’m a 17-year-old high school student from Turkey and a TED talks addicted volunteer translator.”  – Laura Messner, Turkey

“…around 500 translations and reviews have come out of my keyboard. But the thing that is more important than that number is the numerous ideas I’ve given a Croatian voice to..”
– Ivan S, Croatia

It has been over a year since my experience in translating and subtitling started. I’m very grateful to Amara and TED for this year of enriching experiences” Cesar Incio, Peru

This International Translation Day, we want to hear from you!

Help us celebrate the positive change that subtitles and translations bring to the world!

The 30th of September is International Translation Day, and we want to use this occasion to celebrate the importance that subtitles have in people’s everyday lives.

How can you participate in the celebration?

  1. Share your story with us! Tell us how subtitles have played a role in your life or those around you by posting about it on Social Media with the hashtag #ITD2016, or email us at We will feature some of those stories on this blog and other Social Media outlets (video submissions welcome!)
  2. You can also join our subtitling team here to help caption and translate the stories of those who share them with us.
  3. And last but not least, join us for our Amara Community Summit, which will serve as a meeting point to share best practices for building vibrant subtitling communities and discuss their value to the world.

We look forward to your contributions and hope we can raise awareness on the role subtitles play in the making information accessible and freely available to anyone.


Darren, Judit and the rest of the team at Amara

Happy International Translation Day! Here’s how to join the fun…

Happy International Translation Day! Join us in appreciating translators around the globe for their work to connect us through language, and broaden our understanding of the world beyond our native tongue.

Today, we decided to go a step further, and highlight open translation communities, which help bridge barriers to communication and make videos available around the globe. We’d love to see these communities thrive, and are encouraging anyone who knows two or more languages fluently to join the fun.

To take this step, we’ve joined ten other organizations with translation communities including Scientific American, Udacity, Art21, and the US National Archives –all open translation communities hosted on Amara– to spread the word about International Translation Day.

What is an open translation team on Amara? It’s a team:

  1. Anyone can join immediately
  2. Where subtitles can be freely edited by team members, published immediately, and iterated on until perfected


What will happen if I translate?:

Expect to get social media shout-outs, highlighted by the organization you’re participating with, and a fun chance to get an Amara t-shirt for the most active translators.


How can I participate?:

Join a team below, and help translate!


Who is participating?:


US National Archives:

Scientific American:




Goldin Institute:

California Academy of Sciences:

Ability Magazine:



Why are open translation teams participating?:

International Translation Day lasts only 24 hours, so we want it to be easy for anyone who is interested to join in the fun. These teams all use a simple open workflow and membership process. Of course, there are many other organizations doing community translation with a variety of editorial workflows and team membership processes, see more teams here!

October Team Leader Highlight

We always want to keep the lines of communication open at Amara, and getting to know each other and our roles within the organization is a great place to start. This month features Fran Ontanaya, Technical Operations Manager at Amara!



Meet Fran Ontanaya


My name is Fran, and I’m the Technical Operations Manager at Amara. I’m based in Valencia, Spain, although I spend several months a year in southwest Poland with my partner’s family.

My work takes place mostly on the On Demand side of things — understanding customer’s technical requirements, making custom guidelines, transcoding videos, and providing less common subtitle formats. I often help with solutions to handle these requirements, and create customized solutions by writing additional code to process videos and subtitles. I also dig up subtitling specifications for our Handbook and assist our On Demand Community by answering questions about guidelines and resolving any issues. Beyond On Demand, I provide the team with data and reports, upload simple scripts for organizations to use our API, answer some support tickets, report bugs, and even review some subtitles.

In my spare time, casual biking is what I enjoy the most. I even fly my urban bike between places. Since I work remotely, I don’t really need it for commuting, but I use it for most of my groceries and shopping trips. I also devote some time to improve my cooking skills — something the people around me definitely enjoy — as well as getting started with electronics and Arduino programming and reading news about space science.
One important reminder I’d like to share for newer subtitlers, is that we have ways to check for common issues. Please poke me on Skype chat about the video and language you are working on to get some quick pointers on what to improve.

October Subtitler Spotlight!

This month we’re pleased to spotlight the amazing work of On Demand members Shérazade Hassaine and Eva Gefflaut. They took a bit of time to share about their hobbies, favorite videos they’ve worked on and more. Read all about it below!

Shérazade Hassaine


I am French of Algerian origin but I currently live in a tiny Mediterranean island called Malta, where I work as a full-time professional translator. In my spare time, I love to travel, go the beach, bake and… to translate!
I discovered I had a passion for subtitling thanks to Amara. What I find very interesting and keeps me motivated to continue working for Amara is the wide range of topics covered in the videos. You can learn a lot of things that you might not have learnt in other contexts. As a translator, I act as a mediator between cultures, and thanks to Amara, I have the opportunity to work on videos that raise idiomatic and culture-specific issues. It gives a lot of good food for thought and I love it. Trying to find the exact expression or word so that the end user can enter a different world, without even noticing, is fascinating. A project I particularly enjoyed working on was a promotional video of an Initiative aiming at giving access to dignified and hygienic sanitation to people living in third countries. I am specialized in translation for international organizations, so working on this kind of videos is very stimulating for me. I feel I contribute to a good cause, conveying a message into another language that can help people in need and raising awareness on humanitarian issues. Thanks to Amara for giving me this opportunity and to the project managers for their support!



Meet Eva Gefflaut



For almost 6 years now my family and I left Europe to establish our home in the beautiful Northwest of the USA. We love the nature here; we have beautiful lakes and ocean side for kayaking, as well as high mountains for skiing and trekking tours.

I have two amazing kids who keep me busy, so boredom is not on my schedule! If I have spare time, I like to buy old pieces of furniture at thrift-stores and restore them in my garage to their former beauty.

For me, working for Amara means freedom to set up my working schedule, to translate interesting video contents and to learn something new with every video. Out of all the videos that I translated so far for Amara, I will always remember this one: “Zillions” by Karl Lagerfeld, because this guy is such an odd character!

I enjoy working with such a huge translator community and I would love to know more about you, too!

Happy subtitling!