Amara release notes 2016-10-19

  • 2664 – Display JS browser alert for FB login button
  • enterprise-674 – Add more subtitles types for import and export
  • enterprise-731 – Add wordcount columns to Master Spreadsheets
  • enterprise-757 – On Bulk Set Evaluation Teams page, make team selection drop-downs sorted alphabetically
  • enterprise-759 – Ability to enable user to access “Advanced formats” for subtitle import/export

International Translation Day – Stories from the Amara Community

We can’t believe it’s almost been one month since International Translation Day!  It was amazing to hear from so many people around the globe about how subtitles have impacted their lives, and as one last ITD2016 hurrah, we’ve collected our favorite quotes from each story and listed them below.  Or if you’d like, take a look each story in it’s entirety, here!

“Translation has become one of the best things I do in my life.” – Ghalia Turki, Damascus, Syria

“To keep it simple, subtitling is helping me to fulfill an old ideal. Imparting knowledge to people all around the world, whenever and wherever they are. :)” – Andre Kilton Peixoto

“I wish that my contribution to subtitling, captioning and translation helps to make Degrowth and Sustainable Consumption more accessible to people who wish and desire to live a good life.” – Robert Orzanna

“I enjoy making content available to Portuguese speaking people. It is an honour for me to contribute with some subtitles. They have changed my life for the better.”
Cláudia Anjos Lopes, Portugal

“Translations have made a great impact ever since I was at my elementary school.”
Aji, Indonesia

Subtitles are essential for the preservation of languages and culture” – Riccardo Barbieri, Milan

As for the great cause of having videos to be translated/ subtitled, indeed it is very useful, especially for kids, specifically in my country, most kids don’t really understand English very well” Lanny

“[I collaborated with] a disability community in Seattle called ‘Rooted in Rights’ to create 2 disability advocacy clips with English captions and Japanese translations/captions.” Misuki Hsu

“I believe that sharing is caring, so when you come across useful and valuable materials it’s much better to make it available to all those around you” – Riyad Almubarak

“I translated a movie which is a Korean drama. I translate it Korean to Turkish. And a few days later, I saw my subtitle on Korean Facebook fan pages.” – Anonymous

“I’m a 17-year-old high school student from Turkey and a TED talks addicted volunteer translator.”  – Laura Messner, Turkey

“…around 500 translations and reviews have come out of my keyboard. But the thing that is more important than that number is the numerous ideas I’ve given a Croatian voice to..”
– Ivan S, Croatia

It has been over a year since my experience in translating and subtitling started. I’m very grateful to Amara and TED for this year of enriching experiences” Cesar Incio, Peru

Amara release notes 2016-10-11

  • 2293 – Amara URL (www) affects the embedder controls
  • 2619 – API: add “modified” parameter to Task resource
  • 2625 – Use stable ids instead of usernames
  • 2628 – Add visible flag to the language resource
  • 2633 – Keep track of last message in thread
  • 2635 – Allow deleting subtitle requests / subtitle languages via the API
  • 2659 – Raise character limit for team application form
  • enterprise-243 – Allow any collaborator to open the editor
  • enterprise-728 – Add way to map TED user IDs from the API
  • enterprise-744 – Team Create API Updates
  • enterprise-746 – Easier linking of OpenIDConnect accounts created through the API

API Changes December 2016

Hi all, it’s been a while since we’ve done any API changes, but there are some in the pipeline.  Most of them are fairly minor, but they may require some code changes.  Here’s a rundown of what’s happening:


Backwards compatible changes are currently live.  These changes are things like adding a new field to response data or accepting a new type of input.  They are listed below as “effective immediately.”

The rest of the changes will go into effect 12/1/2016.  If you need to test code changes, or just want to check out the new stuff, you can can see the changes early by adding the GET paramater api-future=20161201 to your requests.

User Data Changes

The largest change is centered around user data.  The main reason for this change is to fix an issue with our current API.  Whenever we want to identify a user we use their username, however users can change their usernames.  This can cause problems if you try to use the username in a later API request.

The first change we’re making to address this is to give users a unique ID that’s guaranteed not to change.  When you specify users, you can either use their username or the value “id$[user-id]”.  The id method is preferred since it avoids the problems with users changing their usernames, but we also will still allow usernames to be used for backwards compatibility.

The second change is that we will return user data differently.  Right now when an API resource contains a user, we typically return the username in one field and the URI to the user API endpoint in a second field.  The new system will return a dict of user data with the following fields:

  • username: User username
  • id: User ID
  • uri: User API endpoint

For example, the team member endpoint will change from returning this data:

    "username": "ben"
    "user_uri": "",
    "role": "manager"

To this:

    "user": {
        "username": "ben",
        "id": "hhhcVFzP0uND6638LBe4rb5B-2b069rna5A64Z98ODU",
        "uri": "$hhhcVFzP0uND6638LBe4rb5B-2b069rna5A64Z98ODU/"
    "role": "manager"

Removing the “Safe Team Members” endpoint

Rather than update this one, we’re planning on removing it.  A check through the logs indicates that it’s not in use.  Is anyone using this one?

Subtitle Language: published flag (formally visible)

We had a flag called “visible” which was present on languages list inside the video resource.  It would be set if the language had public subtitles available.  This flag seems useful so we added it to the subtitle language resource as well.  Also we renamed it to “published” which seems closer to its meaning.

Deleting subtitles

You now have the option to issue a DELETE request on subtitles.  This will reset the subtitles by deleting all existing versions.  This is only possible for team videos, when the API user is the admin of the team.

Tasks: Modified field

We will be adding a new field on the tasks resource called “modified”.  It will be present in the response data and also be available as a sorter.

Team Create: Different workflow styles

This one shouldn’t affect many people, but if you’re one of our partners that uses the API to create teams, you now have the option of creating teams with the collaboration workflow.  Talk to an Amara

Summary of changes

Here’s a list of all the endpoint changes.  Note that some of the backwards compatible changes will go into effect immediately.  Also, check out this readthedocs page for the full description of how the API will look on 12/1/2016:


  • (effective immediately) added id field
  • (effective immediately) allow either user IDs or usernames in the path.  Either of these now work:
    • /api/users/[username]
    • /api/users/id$[user-id]

Team Members

  • Removed the username field
  • Added a user field
  • (effective immediately) Allow either user IDs or usernames in the path

Safe Team Members

  • Will be removed

Subtitle Language

  • Changed author attribute of the versions list to return user dict rather than a username
  • Removed author_uri field from the versions list
  • (effective immediately) Added published flag


  • (effective immediately) Added author field that returns user dict
  • (effectivy immediately) Added support for DELETE requests to delete the subtitles


  • Changed assignee field to return user dict rather than a username
  • (effective immediately) assignee filter now accepts either usernames or user IDs
  • (effective immediately) assignee input field now accepts either usernames or user IDs
  • (effective immediately) Added modified field
  • (effective immediately) Added modified sort parameter


  • (effective immediately) Added type field when creating teams.  (Note: only user accounts for Amara partners have permission to create teams).

Team application

  • Changed user field to return user dict
  • (effective immediately) User filter accepts now accepts either usernames or user ID


  • Renamed “visible” to “published” for language data inside the languages list.


  • Changed user field to return user dict
  • Removed user_uri field
  • This only applies to the newer activity resources.  The legacy url (/api/activity) will stay the same.  The new activity urls are:
    • /api/videos/[video-id]/activity/
    • /api/users/[user-identifier]/activity/
    • /api/teams/[team-slug]/activity/


  • (effective immediately) Made the user field accept either usernames or user IDs

Amara release notes 2016-09-29

  • 1740 – Editor hover menu is difficult to hover on
  • 2350 – Merge CollaborationLog and Action models
  • 2614 – Only present activity types actually present in a team
  • 2615 – Show More link on new teams’ activity page does not work
  • 2617 – Temporarily remove Team Statistics from subnav
  • 2631 – Broken link in Provider Submitted Subtitles action record
  • 2632 – Automatically sync localized metadata
  • enterprise-673 – Add filters/sorts to the evaluations page
  • enterprise-678 – Attribute error in the collaboration code
  • enterprise-686 – Don’t allow the evaluation team to be the work team
  • enterprise-697 – Move Video dialog for new teams: make team list sorted alphabetically
  • enterprise-703 – Video Statistics page returns an error for some teams
  • enterprise-741 – Migrate CollaborationLog entries to the new activity system

This International Translation Day, we want to hear from you!

Help us celebrate the positive change that subtitles and translations bring to the world!

The 30th of September is International Translation Day, and we want to use this occasion to celebrate the importance that subtitles have in people’s everyday lives.

How can you participate in the celebration?

  1. Share your story with us! Tell us how subtitles have played a role in your life or those around you by posting about it on Social Media with the hashtag #ITD2016, or email us at We will feature some of those stories on this blog and other Social Media outlets (video submissions welcome!)
  2. You can also join our subtitling team here to help caption and translate the stories of those who share them with us.
  3. And last but not least, join us for our Amara Community Summit, which will serve as a meeting point to share best practices for building vibrant subtitling communities and discuss their value to the world.

We look forward to your contributions and hope we can raise awareness on the role subtitles play in the making information accessible and freely available to anyone.


Darren, Judit and the rest of the team at Amara