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We stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and any others affected…

Amara is dedicated to making the world a more inclusive and connected place. Last month, when Donald Trump signed an executive order for “extreme vetting” and banned citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African countries from entry into the US, we decided it was important for us to speak out publicly.

We stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and any others affected by this harmful executive order. We oppose any action that discriminates based on race, religion, or country of origin.

We stand in solidarity to promote a more inclusive world, and hope you will join our voices in support of a global community where everyone is welcomed and respected. Our humanity is richer and stronger when we all come together.

–theĀ Amara team

Amara release notes 2017-08-10

  • 2612 – Leave Team command broken
  • 2843 – Notifications not sent to translator when the subtitles are approved
  • 2868 – No video submitter when added by feed causes video page to 500 on 1.8
  • 2874 – Subtitles with long video titles fail to sync to YouTube
  • 2861 – Drop browser ID code
  • 2886 – Add Hawaiian Creole language
  • 2891 – Searching for a team member fails if member of a team marked as deleted
  • 2911 – Add Acehnese language
  • enterprise-1433 – Use Varnish to cache pages
  • enterprise-1491 – Log when team settings are changed between public and private in UI as activity
  • enterprise-1269 – Subtitle page – after resync, clicking between tabs does not update data

Amara release notes 2017-07-13

  • 2679 – General notifications (callbacks)
  • 2770 – v1.7: 500 error on subtitle sync tab
  • 2857 – Disambiguate channels on the linked YouTube accounts page
  • 2859 – Error when attempting to add video to team from a project page
  • 2873 – Language code mapping issue in activity records
  • enterprise-1190 – Non-managers can see approvals in Available Assignments
  • enterprise-1316 – Implement v1.8 language switcher
  • enterprise-1361 – Update html for inlaid duration on management and linguist-facing video thumbnails
  • enterprise-1375 – Evaluations Mgmt – Do not allow to change evaluation state for requests being evaluated by other teams
  • enterprise-1409 – v1.8 management page: add project filter to incoming requests tab and evaluations tab
  • enterprise-1431 – Dashboard – teams not requiring approval have Approve link in Available Assignments
  • enterprise-1432 – Take project filter into account when generating master spreadsheet
  • enterprise-1438 – Error declining assignment
  • enterprise-1470 – Show source team projects on available assignments page project filter
  • enterprise-1477 – 500 error on some Subtitle pages
  • enterprise-1478 – broken link on Add URL modal
  • enterprise-1479 – 500 error on personal dashboard
  • enterprise-1480 – Video page – Unicode error when displaying languages with non-ASCII names
  • enterprise-1495 – Fixes for the incoming requests and evaluations project filter
  • enterprise-1496 – Don’t always show teams in the project filter labels
  • enterprise-1511 – Activity tab for a video 500s after changing subtitle language code
  • enterprise-1514 – Update project field prepare_value to work with new project filter

Amara release notes 2017-06-15

  • Amara v.1.8:
    – New team dashboard
    – New video page
    – New subtitle page
    – Assignments overview page
    – Videos overview page
    – Requests management page
    – Video management page
    – Team member profile page
  • enterprise-1345 – staff users need to be able to copy project slug from settings page in UI
  • enterprise-1415 – Subtitle page – Exception on attempt to download ITT file