This International Translation Day, we want to hear from you!

Help us celebrate the positive change that subtitles and translations bring to the world!

The 30th of September is International Translation Day, and we want to use this occasion to celebrate the importance that subtitles have in people’s everyday lives.

How can you participate in the celebration?

  1. Share your story with us! Tell us how subtitles have played a role in your life or those around you by posting about it on Social Media with the hashtag #ITD2016, or email us at We will feature some of those stories on this blog and other Social Media outlets (video submissions welcome!)
  2. You can also join our subtitling team here to help caption and translate the stories of those who share them with us.
  3. And last but not least, join us for our Amara Community Summit, which will serve as a meeting point to share best practices for building vibrant subtitling communities and discuss their value to the world.

We look forward to your contributions and hope we can raise awareness on the role subtitles play in the making information accessible and freely available to anyone.


Darren, Judit and the rest of the team at Amara

Amara release notes 2016-08-03

  • 2594 – Set video durations through the subtitle editor
  • enterprise-651 – Support Youtube and Vimeo public videos for SPs
  • enterprise-663 – Show Collab Assignments – Interim Amara User Dashboard Enhancement
  • enterprise-666 – Vendor review: fix the error for the collab details page viewed by an evaluator
  • enterprise-671 – Evaluation Team Tweaks

Amara release notes 2016-07-06

  • 1740 – Editor hover menu is difficult to hover on
  • 2179 – After deleting subtitle cell, move focus to next cell
  • 2590 – Video index not updated when video is moved between teams
  • 2592 – Allow `create_login_token` in API user update
  • 2596 – 500 error when user activity page is viewed by a user who is not logged in
  • enterprise-640 – Notify when MAC task times out
  • enterprise-648 – API security fix
  • enterprise-650 – Restoring option to send collab back to queue
  • enterpruse-653 – Unicode error on sending back collab
  • Change to collaboration team workflow settings

Amara release notes 2016-06-15

  • 2133 – Use symbolic names for activity API
  • 2239 – Use different URLs for activity types
  • 2556 – Permissions on user activity
  • 2568 – Don’t include obsolete activity types in the team selector
  • 2585 – Videos added don’t appear in the search index
  • enterprise-630 – Speed up new-style team video pages
  • enterprise-632 – Create collaboration API
  • enterprise-633 – Videos added via API public, despite team settings
  • enterprise-637 – Removing a video from a team errors out
  • enterprise-647 – Reword SP list

Amara release notes 2016-06-07

  • 2523 – Re-implement youtube language code mapping
  • 2529 – Add Cook Islands Māori language
  • 2542 – Issues with trying to make a staff/non-superuser user
  • 2571 – Update info on Create page
  • 2572 – Add 3 new languages
  • enterprise-610 – Allow re-assigning collaborations in the admin form
  • enterprise-626 – API: fix for superuser permissions
  • enterprise-627 – Add a role for bulk-added team members

Amara release notes 2016-05-24

  • 226 – Activity log for moderated videos is overloaded with meaningless ‘edited’ entries
  • 986 – Uploading a new draft wipes out speaker name
  • 2349 – Activity model index refactor
  • 2539 – Allow teams to filter activity by language
  • 2553 – Clarify and test task-related actions
  • 2559 – Unify team activity again
  • enterprise-628 – New teams UI: setting primary language when adding video(s) does not work