Amara release notes 2017-09-21

  • enterprise-905 – Dashboard – better assignment history
  • enterprise-1077 – Show completed evaluations on the dashboard assignment history
  • enterprise-1164 – Update Assignments model
  • enterprise-1209 – Dashboard – display assigned evaluations in My Assignments panel
  • enterprise-1240 – Request Management – Manage Assignments dialog should only set deadlines for the active assignee
  • enterprise-1507 – Dashboard, Member profile page – evaluators listed on Assignments History record
  • enterprise-1576 – Start dates not set correctly when manager sets assignees
  • enterprise-1581 – Don’t show users from other teams in the My Collaborators section
  • enterprise-1582 – Member profile fixes
  • enterprise-1585 – Assignment limits always check work team
  • enterprise-1588 – Subtitles still marked complete after re-opening collabs
  • enterprise-1617 – Duplicate entries in assignment history
  • enterprise-1618 – Exception on starting a new assignment

Amara release notes 2017-09-18

  • 2944 – Update user menu header
  • enterprise-1544 – Slow query for user unread messages
  • enterprise-1590 – Limit of Amara messages per minute above which a user will be deactivated
  • enterprise-1607 – URLs should use settings.DEFAULT_PROTOCOL
  • enterprise-1612 – Delay fetching YT info for teams with many linked YT accounts
  • enterprise-1614 – Marking messages read doesn’t update the user menu
  • enterprise-1615 – Custom redirect for Evaluation Teams

Amara release notes 2017-09-01

  • 2830 – Subtitle editor: auto-pause in Beginner mode should not apply during syncing
  • 2897 – Sync and fetch settings for YouTube links are disabled when saving accounts page on 1.7
  • enterprise-1245 – Hover state text for icons in assignment history
  • enterprise-1437 – Set teams modal should be disabled or hidden if user is not admin of multiple teams
  • enterprise-1456 – Assignments Overview – auto-refresh returns user to the first page
  • enterprise-1457 – Assignee email notification not working when work is sent back
  • enterprise-1520 – Allow pasting a long list of language codes into the Create Request language field
  • enterprise-1600 – Site makeover + marketing pages
  • enterprise-1604 – bill-to clients should appear in column A of billing report
  • enterprise-1613 – Mixup of languages on Amara pages after switching UI languages

Amara and PCF have a new look!

We’re very excited to announce the newly redesigned homepages of and! We hope the redesign better reflects who we are, and what we have to offer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with PCF (Participatory Culture Foundation), it is Amara’s parent organization, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to building a more open, collaborative world.

All Amara’s offerings at a glance

Now it’s much easier to browse through all of Amara’s tools and offerings — free tools and professional services, right from the header of the homepage. We used to have this separated into a site called, but on the new homepage it’s all at your fingertips in case you want to upgrade your subtitling tools and capabilities.New Amara navigation bar

Or, you can jump right into the free editor with a big green button:Green Start subtitling for free button



Learn and get involved

Finding new teams to volunteer for remains as easy as before. We’ve renamed the page “Volunteer” to make it even more obvious (this used to say Community). We couldn’t be more thrilled about our new About page, which clearly shares the reasons we’re all here, and showcases our core team.

What’s next?

We’re currently rethinking the user interface. These are all the other pages outside of the Editor that haven’t changed yet! We want to continue to improve navigation and functionality, so they are better tailored to your needs. We’ll be reaching out to better understand your needs, goals and dreams for Amara in the upcoming months. Keep your eye on this blog for more on that soon!

I already have an Amara account – do I have to do anything differently now?

Nope – logging onto the platform is as simple as ever. Go to the Login button on the top-right corner to enter your username and password; and click on your username to access your profile, messages and teams!
Pink login button


Instead of the old “Subtitle Video” header item, logged in users should use that same user menu in the upper right of the page to select “Subtitle Video.” Non-logged-in users will see the big “Start Subtitling for Free” button.
Green Start subtitling for free button



You’ll also see the new header style on most pages. The remaining pages will get the updated header style in the next couple of months.

Thanks for checking out the new site and visiting our blog. We hope you enjoy the new look and organization of the homepage. Let us know what you think by posting on the forum topic “Amara and PCF have a new look – tell us what you think!”

Amara release notes 2017-08-23

  • enterprise-677 – Create “Bill to” column for billing reports
  • enterprise-966 – Tag for teams ( or teams+projects) that designates if an activity is billable and to whom
  • enterprise-983 – Redirect users to pick their languages on assignments page
  • enterprise-1281 – Requests Mgmt | Edit Request – allow reopening request after complete
  • enterprise-1300 – Allow sending requests back to work team from evaluation team
  • enterprise-1440 – System notifications for send back from evaluation team
  • enterprise-1566 – Old Brightcove removal
  • enterprise-1567 – Add exception logging process to readthedocs