Amara release notes 2016-12-21

  • 251 – Feature Request: press enter to edit subs in the Review dialog
  • 2537 – Exception on viewing My Teams page without signing in
  • 2689 – Record activity for move to/from a team
  • 2693 – Some non-ASCII characters garbled in email messages from Amara
  • 2695 – Update community page
  • 2699 – Encoding issues in video title and description
  • enterprise-742 – Add “bill time” to billing report
  • enterprise-771 – Further improvements to new formats
  • enterprise-853 – Upload Subtitles feature malfunctioning in embedded Amara editor
  • enterprise-868 – Add TED notification for moving videos from project-to-project
  • enterprise-889 – Billing and collab roles mismatch

Bwoop Bwoop! Attention all Vimeo users that need subtitles – Amara wants to help!

Hello Amara Community,

As of November 1st, the support for our integration with Vimeo was discontinued.  This means that you will no longer be able to create or order professionally made Amara On Demand subtitles within Vimeo.  But wait!  You can still do all of that same awesome stuff directly at, plus a lot more!

Did you know that with Amara Enterprise, you can create subtitles in a private space, manage users, and configure publishing workflows?  Did you know that Amara On Demand creates thousands of professional subtitles a year for tons of different languages, video types, and turnaround times?  If you’re a Vimeo user that needs help with this, we’d love to lend a hand!

If you want to create subtitles in a private space, let us know, and we’ll get in direct touch with you.

If you need to order professional subtitles contact us, and we’ll send you a quote!

Thanks always for being a part of the Amara community, and happy subtitling!



Amara release notes 2016-10-27

  • 784 – Implement auto-pause feature when in typing mode
  • 2637 – As a subtitler, the help tray should always be visible.
  • 2638 – As a captioner, I want a wider clickable dragging area so I can easily drag subtitle endpoints.
  • enterorise-687 – Backend collab changes
  • enterprise-729 – New TED HTTP notifications
  • enterprise-756 – Handle corner cases with multiple teams working on a collab
  • enterprise-765 – Adjust runtime duration calculation code
  • enterprise-767 – Fix creation of billing records for older subtitles
  • enterprise-768 – Audit/Update video API permissions