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Take your YouTube Channel Global in a Single Step

Amara makes it easy to reach more viewers.

Grow Your Channel Fast

Using Amara to add captions and translated subtitles to your YouTube channel is probably the single most cost effective thing you can do to get more viewers.

TED-Ed fans help translate with Amara

Amara makes it easy and cost effective to subtitle into dozens of languages – companies like TED and Twitter have been doing it for years.

How does it work?

It’s simple.

  • Connect YouTube – Your videos flow into Amara
  • Invite your Fans – “Please join our translation community!”
  • Magic Happens – Amara organizes your crowd, work gets done
  • Auto Sync – Once approved, subtitles get synced to YouTube

Ensure Quality

With Amara’s built-in quality assurance process, peer-produced subtitles can exceed professional translations. It’s the power of fans –who have a real connection to your brand– getting involved.

A Twitter video in Japanese

Get More Viewers

Translating your videos into dozens of languages lets you take your content global. You’ve already produced the video, why limit it to one language?

TED-Ed’s audience is global

When you connect your channel to Amara, you will see significant growth in viewership for your entire video archive, and new videos will have the potential to go viral in multiple global regions at once. If you have some that’s catching fire, don’t cut off more than half your potential audience by limiting it to one language.

Build a Community

Looking for new ways to engage your fans and customers? When you enable Amara on your YouTube Channel, you are building a community of your most engaged audience members and they are working with your to help share your message around the world.

These fans are helping Art21 translate

You can message this community directly, offer them special promotions, and engage them in your other social media efforts.

Powerful Video SEO

Adding captions and subtitles to your YouTube channel makes your videos much more likely to appear in searches.

Text transcripts can majorly boost search optimization

Without the text of the video, a Google search can only find words in the title. Better SEO means more viewers.


Amara is vastly cheaper than traditional captioning and translation services because we invite your viewers to create high quality subtitles and help spread your content. Contact us for pricing and to get started: or call 1-617-299-1187.

Twitter launched this video with more than 20 languages created on

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