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Amara is simply the best subtitling toolset in the world (and we’ve won several awards for it). Amara enables you to create, edit, and manage production ready subtitles more easily and at remarkably low costs.

  • Order captions, translations, transcriptions

    High quality, rapid turnaround, and low cost combined with collaborative private or public editing (functionality that no one else has). Order Subtitles > >

  • Build a quality-controlled volunteer subtitling community

    Like TED, Netflix, Udacity, Twitter, Mozilla, and others.
    Crowd Subtitling > >

  • Best subtitle CMS in the world

    Manage subtitles and collaborate privately with your internal staff or external contractors. Subtitle CMS Features > >

  • Make your YouTube channel global

    Using Amara to add captions and translated subtitles to your YouTube channel is probably the single most cost effective thing you can do to get more viewers. Subtitle your YouTube Channel > >

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Our offerings

Amara’s groundbreaking services are designed to help you get outstanding quality subtitles more easily, more quickly, and at much lower cost.

Free Amara Editing Tools

Anyone can bring an embeddable video to, to begin subtitling and invite others to join. A “Wikipedia for subtitling”, Amara allows anyone to edit subtitles on any video and together our community of nearly 100,000 people are making web video more accessible around the world through translation and for the deaf and hard of hearing with captioning.

Order Captions and Translations

Amara offers professional transcripts, captions, and translation at very low cost with fast turnaround and complete Amara enterprise editing and collaboration functionality.

There’s no need to be using Amara Pro or Enterprise to access professional captioning or translation services. Learn more >>

Amara Pro

Our revolutionary tools lets you create and manage subtitles publicly or privately, using your own staff and contractors or with a volunteer team. TED, Netflix, Udacity, Twitter, Mozilla, and many other organizations big and small use Amara to create outstanding subtitles at speeds and levels of quality that were never possible before.

Amara’s subtitle management capabilities, syncing functionality, powerful API, and broad video host compatibility are unmatched. And the quality-assured crowdsourcing that companies like TED and Netflix are pioneering with Amara is literally changing the industry.

It’s easy to get started with Amara for businesses of any size, with any amount of video, and you only pay for the subtitles you complete. Learn more >>

Amara Enterprise

For larger organizations, Amara provides an SLA with guaranteed uptime, deeper integrations with publishing platforms, shared logins, custom functionality, and additional crowdsourcing support. Learn more >>


Amara Pro Enterprise
Order Captions & Translations Yes Yes
Build a Subtitling Community Yes Yes
Manage Subtitles Privately Yes Yes
Max No. of Videos 50 Unlimited
Administer Accounts 1 Unlimited
API Usage Metered Unlimited
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