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Amara Team Leader Highlight

We always want to keep the lines of communication open at Amara, and getting to know each other and our roles within the organization is a great place to start.

This this month features Marília Correia, project manager at Amara!

I live in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, and in my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and my fiancé and spend time with my family. I also love to travel to different places and meet different people.

At Amara, I’m both a freelance translator and a project manager. As a Project Manager, I work closely with Jenny, Aleli and our On Demand team to set up projects, organize teams of translators and captioners, assign tasks, monitor the workflow, and make sure that all projects are done by the deadline, and in compliance with the Amara Style Guide. In addition, I help our subtitlers with any questions that may come up. I’m passionate about what I do and I want to continue to help the team to grow even more. Being part of Amara is one of the best things that happened to me!


Photo of Marília Correia.

Subtitling Spotlight

Each month we are spotlighting two of our On Demand team members, so we can start to get to know each other a bit better, and to recognize each other’s individual contributions to Amara’s mission.

This month’s spotlight is on Melanie Ty and Michael Wilson! We got a chance to hear more about their daily lives, and their advice to a new team members.

Melanie Ty
I’m a proud and happy subtitler from the Philippines who is a work-at-home mother with three kids. Working with Amara On Demand has really provided me a steady income, which gave me enough to save for my daughter’s school fees. Aside from the financial benefits, I also gain knowledge from the videos I work on every day.

I still find challenges working at Amara. Sometimes we may have different interpretations of the guidelines, rules or instructions. What I’ve found is to always look on the brighter side of things and that it’s never wrong to ask for clarifications if you feel that you’re not doing it right. This is a team. We work as a team and we achieve things as a team.

Mel and girls
Melanie with her three children.

Michael Wilson
I live in San José Tepenené, Hidalgo, Mexico, where I teach English, computer skills, and science. My wife and I spend our free time as a traveling cinema show and are working on a documentary about our own town’s history.

I’m so proud of my kids… my daughter works to promote Fair Trade, my son is doing research at UCSC, and we have a two-year old boy who reminds me to play every day!

My advice to new Amara On Demand Subtitlers is to focus on teamwork – leverage the network. Also, be patient and practice slowly at first, to build skills before speed. When I factor in learning with making a living, and the way access to new information stands to improve my own life, as well as others lives in so many ways, it’s clear to me that this is a very worthwhile undertaking.

amara newsletter bioMike and his four children.

amara dev updates 2014-06-05

Changes pushed to

  • #1537 update location of loading gif for the embedder
  • #1532 IDL reset the net banners
  • #1530 update the order caption url for the embedder
  • #1528 New embedder should link “improve these subtitles” to editor

amara dev updates 2014-06-04

Updates to 2014-06-04

  • #1519 Nicer loading of the embedder embedder
  • #1397 Do not include line break into character count new editor
  • #1219 Better embedder behavior when video has no video language embedder

amara dev updates 2014-05-28

Changesdeployed to 2014-05-28

  • #494 Brightcove integration
  • #1511 Allow pages hosting an amara widget to be indexed with its content
  • #1505 ted not getting notifications on bulk approved videos
  • #1442 feeds ui should have a delete button to remove a video feed
  • #1455 Bulk approval of tasks: uncheck Select All if user starts to deseleced

Changed deployed to 2014-05-20

  • #1502 Limit batch_size when bulk-sending messages

amara dev update 2014-05-17

Changes deployed to 2014-05-17

#1454 add_amara_description_credit_to_youtube called too often
#1477 Add filters to bulk approvals page
#1416 Add guard against task backlogs
#1019 Improve line-break support for TXT format
#1494 switch youtube sync from srt to sbv to avoid HTML tags display on youtube.

amara dev update 2014-05-15

Changes deployed to 2014-05-15

  • #1482 front page modifications
  • #1476 show 3 lines of application text
  • #1478 Add more details to the bulk approvals page
  • #1375 ui for brightcove external sites configuration
  • #1430 TeamVideo.added_by does not allow null values
  • #1431 BC feed generated from user added tags is not correct
  • #1433 only bc videos added via the Feeds tab ui showing videos on the feeds page
  • #1435 feeds ui (adding adding and updating) should be admin only.
  • #1439 styling issue on feed page
  • #1440 error manually adding brightcove videos
  • #1445 bc feeds are not ordered by newest first

amara dev update (2014-05-08)

Changes deployed to

  • #742 Switch test_factories to factoryboy
  • #851 Approval tasks left unassigned after sending back to reviewer and re-accepting
  • #1322 Allow admins to batch approve approval tasks
  • #1323 Allow team admins to batch move videos from 1 team to another
  • #1411 Make Uyghur an RTL language status 4 merged-to-staging type: bite-sized
  • #1448 Updated _upload_subtitles.html template for webVTT
  • #1458 Do not bulk copy incomplete subtitles
  • #1459 Queries optimizations
  • #1461 Refactor sending notifications when sending bulk messages
  • #1466 Limit primary audio filter for moving videos to tedxtalks-import