amara dev update 2014-14-04

Updates deployed to

  • #489 Respect line breaks in feedback comments for moderated tasks
  • #1387 Typo in Youtube panel on home page
  • #1388 Comments (reviewer’s notes) not saved when sending subtitles back fixed-in-branch
  • #1391 New Editor: change ‘Subtitling Guidelines’ to ‘Transcribing Guidelines’
  • #1393 Weird localized strings in language drop-down on Set Language page
  • #1394 Images won’t build due to recent openssl updates
  • #1395 Fix amara-dev-rabbitmq image after rabbitmq update

amara dev updates 2014-04-08

Updates deployed to

  • #1381 Workflow too narrow for some locales
  • #1380 Adjust padding in subtitle boxes to prevent the “+” button to overlap with text
  • #1379 Reference text not displayed for some locales
  • #1378 Add Hawaiian language
  • #1377 Clicking accept on an approve task doesn’t mark it as completed
  • #1188 Permissions check broken: contributor can edit a published translation
  • #1148 Submitting Review and Approve tasks leaves translations marked as incomplete
  • Translations strings were updated, correcting an error where the video page would not display when using the pt-br locale.

Amara’s New Editor

I’m so happy to announce that yesterday, we flipped the switch to make Amara’s new editor the primary subtitle editor.




This new editor provides a whole new level of flexibility when creating subtitles and is just the beginning of a new set of enhancements to the video captioning and translating experience.

Features include:

  • Side by side comparison of any language or revision with your working version.
  • Ability to use multiple source languages while working on a translation.
  • Ability to independently time translations, while still viewing the reference language.
  • Ability to lock and unlock reference and working text to control alignment.
  • Ability to insert or combine lines when working on a translation.
  • Ability to drag adjoining subtitle start and end times together.
  • Ability to drag a complete subtitle along the timeline.
  • Help gutter for each subtitle showing the number characters / line,  number of lines and lines and characters / line and reading rate (characters / second).
  • Ability to save a version and continue working without exiting the editor.
  • Simplified, cleaner and clearer dialogs.
  • No more artificial line-length limitations on upload.
  • New user help prompts at the start of each subtitling stage.
  • Reset functionality, for timing or text.
  • Clickable shortcuts in the ui.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts and help.
  • Ability to revert to the last saved revision.
  • Auto-save (every minute)
  • Ability to copy subtitle timing from reference to working versions
  • Style guidelines (team configurable) available in editor view
  • Improved recovery (in the case of a save error)
  • Button to switch back to legacy editor.
  • Adding to our support for youtube, vimeo, and html5 video, we also have support for Brightcove video, flv videos, ogg audio and mp3 audio files.

The list is long, but words simply aren’t enough to describe the new editor.  Lucky for you, we have created a series of simple help videos to walk you through creating subtitles and translations with Amara.

Please head to the amara volunteer team, if you’d like to help subtitle these videos.


A special message to Amara’s transifex team of translators…

You are so awesome!!!



I don’t think there are enough ways to say thanks to all the people who have been contributing to the Amara Translation team on Transifex over the past few weeks.

Our team has shown amazing growth in the number of translators, language teams and strings translated as we continue to prepare for the big editor switch over.

So thank you and thank you again.  For anyone else who wants to contribute, there’s always room for more.

amara dev update 2014-03-17

Updates to


If you haven’t tried the new editor yet, you should! 

  • #1274 Add Team guidelines to the new editor.
  • #1293 reduce help overlay height, clear instructions on ui click.
  • #1310 still have references to in code for translatable strings.
  • #1309 update docs for http notifications.
  • #1295 add the fileExt field to automatically synced Kaltura files.
  • #1271 Prevent videos from auto-playing when the editor it opened.
  • #1236 Contents within curly brackets are removed on upload by SRT parser.
  • #1242 Cross-origin resource sharing for API requests.


  • #1274 adds a link to display style guidelines in the editor.  The default is to display the Amara Style Guidelines, however Amara Enterprise customers have the option to tailor the help for their particular team.

amara dev update 2014-03-04

Updates to

  • #780 Finalize Keyboard Shortcuts and Displayed Help text
  • #514 Editor: Implement new instructions design
  • #1228 New editor: line break ignored in line length calculation
  • #1231 Support clickable URL’s in Team Application
  • #1255 Update wording for the guided step 2 in new editor
  • #1256 Possible to Approve incomplete subtitles

Most of changes are related to improvements to the new editor which we are working to move out of beta and switch over to using it as the primary editor in the near future.


These updates included a lot of changes to the text strings, and we are hoping that our multilingual users can help us with the translations via our project on transifex.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Tom at Pixelogic who has been generously giving us his time and talent to help make improvements to the amara interface.  He was a huge help in the redesign of the keyboard shortcuts section pictured above.

Lastly, if you haven’t tried the new editor and would like to, you can get there from the current editor by clicking the Save and open in new editor link.